Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cleo & Solo

I really struggle trying to think of interesting ways to make this blog more personal, interesting being the operative word. Obviously, I still havent figured it out quite yet but I'm going to give it a try today by posting some pictures of two of my favorite subjects when I'm home in Texas - our dogs!!

This is Cleo, our Old Lady as of late. And let me tell you she is the sweetest old lady ever! She's a Boxer mix who my Step-Dad rescued from a bad situation when she was only about a year old. When I was growing up we even used to play hide-and-seek together. I would send her upstairs, tell her to stay and then when I was done hiding I would yell come and she would race around the house and find me. Only child syndrome you say? No, it was the best!
During my Senior year of High School Cleo also managed to eat a 5 pound marble cake in a matter of minutes. I opened the brand new cake and set it on the counter, then stepped outside to talk to the neighbor and after I got back IT WAS GONE! Not even a crumb left, I think she felt bad for about 3 days after that :(

This guy is our Rodegian Ridgeback, Solo. Probably the wimpiest Rodesian around but he is adorable. He likes to toss pillows with his nose and if your laying on a pillow he will stick his cold nose in your face and then still try to toss it. Its pretty funny.
But Solo also has some bad habbits that we havent always known about: When my Oma and I flew to Texas together last year, Solo jumped on Oma's bed one morning. That in itself is a no no - but it gets worse - he then preceeds to do a wierd butt shimmy on Oma's pillow and hop back off. Oh yes, he totally wiped his butt off on Oma's pillow. Yeah we laughed for about an hour at that one -crazy dog!

Dont let this shot fool you - Cleo totally wears the pants in this relationship :)

I also want to take this time to wish my boyfriend Steffen a very Happy Birthday,he turns the big 2 9 today! I love you - when can we go back to Paris? ;-)


xo Sarah