Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marie Zoe

Marie is my boyfriends niece and with those big blue eyes she's pretty irresistible! These are some old shots but I love them the one of her holding the flower is one of my all time favorites. I had handed her a flower hoping she would play with it and she ended up chasing me around trying to give it back to me, which ended up looking pretty cool in the photo!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Elli goes retro...

What are the advantages of having a gorgeous best friend you might ask? Lets let the pictures count the ways...
No but seriously this shoot was amazing for me! She wanted pictures for her Grandmas Birthday so she went rumaging around for old clothes and she found some great stuff, in the last shot she is wearing my Grandmas skirt but the rest is all her Grandmas and Moms stuff. So on we went to plan a 50s themed photo session and boy did she ever fit the genre - after we curled her hair and applied some cherry red lipstick she was good to go. If we had more clothing options I would want to dress her like this for every shoot we do :)

DSC_0072 Kopie
So old Hollywood, right?
This shot happened as the best one always do completley by accident - Elli was terrified but she leaned in and pretended to kiss the cow and well, it leaned in at the same time -click!
I should post the picture of her face right after this shot but I am not that mean...

xo Sarah


Sandy + Behind the scenes

I still remember how nervous I was going into this shoot. She was the first person I ever photographed that I didnt know personally - we met through a photographer/model networking site. I brought along a friend to get some behind the scenes footage and she was also on reflector duty :)
We had a blast the weather was awesome and the found the perfect hay bails to use as a part of our shoot! Enjoy the photos and the video...
DSC_0105 Kopie

This outfit was one of my favorites - it was one of my Oma's old bathing suit and it looked so cool, so retro, but she hated them... but I loved it!

xo Sarah

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Janet & Aiden

This is an older shoot as well from when I got to see baby Aiden for the first time - he's so big now! Janet and I had talked about doing something with a very hippie sort of vibe and she got a bunch of fabulous blankets at her baby shower, so we incorporated those as well.
So the three of us and Oma piled into a car and headed towards the outskirts of Houston and found this lovely patch of green to take some fun shots. It was a total team effort with Oma holding the reflector and Janet trying to keep Aiden awake and happy and me trying not to step in ant beds while taking pictures

DSC_0102 Kopie

xo Sarah

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nina | Just Because

Ok, lets go! I figure I might as well start with the lady who is gracing my header: Nina. I may be digging myself a hole with this one because I was so pleased with how these pictures turned out with the use of only natural light. The shots in the reeds were a huge surprise because I'm learning as I go along and this was he first time I took a picture of my model against the sun and the image wasn't all black :) It was also my first time really taking a risk with the styling (clothes, make-up, hair - it was all me baby) and the style suited her really well, at least I thought so.
What you also must know is that these shots were taken in November, in Germany, which means it was freakin cold! You have to give the girl even more props for running around in next to nothing in 30 degree weather.

DSC_0275 Kopieb
Quite possibly my fav. from the shoot. She looks stunning, in that outfit I just wanted to send her back to Studio 54 circa 1976!

xo Sarah

Lets get it started!

So I am finally getting around to making a photography blog. I have tried about every site there is: deviantART, flickr, myspace, carbonmade, facebook - and the list goes on, but a blog just seems more personal. Hopefully blogging about my shoots will allow me to interact more closely with people who are interested in shooting with me and being able to post almost an unlimited amount of pictures is exciting!
I got the best gift ever 3 years ago for my Birthday, that being my Nikon d50 and that's kinda where it started. A few of my friend were like "haaaay, free pictures I'm down with that" and everything evolved from there - I learned a little about Photoshop and started actually editing pictures and getting better. Now I don't usually have to beg my friends to model for me, I get asked to take their pictures which is amazing. Oh and I had to give myself a name, so feeling oh so creative (not!) I just made use of my initials - hence, shp photography was born!
Since I am not a professional photographer I don't have a waiting list or anything, so in order to give this blog some girth to start out with, I will be posting old and new shoots!
xo Sarah