Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nina | Just Because

Ok, lets go! I figure I might as well start with the lady who is gracing my header: Nina. I may be digging myself a hole with this one because I was so pleased with how these pictures turned out with the use of only natural light. The shots in the reeds were a huge surprise because I'm learning as I go along and this was he first time I took a picture of my model against the sun and the image wasn't all black :) It was also my first time really taking a risk with the styling (clothes, make-up, hair - it was all me baby) and the style suited her really well, at least I thought so.
What you also must know is that these shots were taken in November, in Germany, which means it was freakin cold! You have to give the girl even more props for running around in next to nothing in 30 degree weather.

DSC_0275 Kopieb
Quite possibly my fav. from the shoot. She looks stunning, in that outfit I just wanted to send her back to Studio 54 circa 1976!

xo Sarah