Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Blogger

When your Mom starts asking you "Sarah, are you gonna blog these pictures?" thats when you know you've been a bad blogger! BUT I have an excuse :) I had Fasching, my oral exam and a visit from my Mom and friend Rebecca all in the last 3 weeks. That didnt leave much time for blogging, so now its time to play catch up...
I have so much exciting news to tell you guys: I got a new camera as an early graduation present from my Mom and Step-Dad a NIKON D700 which is frickin amazing and to top it off I am finally getting my very own website! Am I a freak for having a blog before a website?? Oh well, I am finally making one and I want it to be perfect so its going to be a while longer but sometime next week it will be up and then i will post the web address for everyone to come and check it out!!

So here is a random picture overload from my goings on these past few weeks:

Fasching featuring me in all my dancing glory ;-)
Mom, Rebecca and I hiking up the Wassekuppe - walking in mid calf deep snow is like being on a stairmaster FYI!

So gorgeous when and if the sun decides to come out and play...