Monday, September 13, 2010

Impressioni Fashion

Ugh I am such a slacker! So much has been happening that I just havent had the chance to blog, although I have been trying to keep my fb fan page updated as frequently as possible! I have beenshooting alot of Boudoir Sessions lately as well and Idont have permission to post all of them, so that has something to do with the lack of posting as well! So I havent talked about this too much because the whole thing seemed kinda too good to be true - I am assisting a photographer here in Fulda, Christoph Struckmeier. We worked out a sweet deal that if I help him out with some of his shoots I can use his studio. Sweet right? But the perks continue: he did a fashion shoot for a local boutique and asked me to shoot alongside him. So I had my first ever studio shoot and it was AWESOME! Hello dream job. So I am sure I will be telling you lots more about this in the weeks to come. For now some of the shots from our shoot :)

*Thanks to Valeria and Sophia for being super sweet, amazing models