Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elli | Portraits & a Volcano?

When I heard that a volcano might be postponing my trip home to Texas, I was not a happy camper! Having finished school recently, my Mom is flying me home for a last hurrah before my life as a real adult starts. And I am not gonna let Eyjafjallajokull STOP ME! Btw, I feel so bad for all the news reporters who have to pronounce that beast of a word. Anyhow, I finally got a hold of continental yesterday and my flight is a go! I cant even explain how excited I am - mexican food, shopping, the beach, warm weather, and most importantly the ones I love, deep in the heart of Texas!

Alrighty enough with that and on to some pictures I took of my lovely friend Elli last week (I promise not everyone in Germany is named Elli, just two of my close friends happen to be). It rained and was really cold and windy but we managed to get in a couple of good shots anyway because shes a trooper :)

And because a dance party just makes the world a better place, we did that too :)