Friday, August 14, 2009

Anne + Juergen | Couples

Anne and I go waaay back, back to being 3 years old , playing in the sandbox, camping n the backyard and having picnics with he doll Katharina and my bear Blacky! She is one of the only people that manged to stay in touch with me, which is saying a lot seeing as how Texas isn't really around the corner from Germany. Before the days when facebook and myspace and email were an everyday thing, we rocked it the old fashioned way: letters! And now we are are both 24 and still super close friends!
I have taken pictures of her before but never of her and Juergen. Therefore this was especially exciting for me and since they have a wonderful apartment together I figured now was the perfect time to do some pictures and add some fun art to their walls.
We had a ball, taking a McDonald's break in between because all of a sudden we were just plain starving. I am so happy with the way these turned out!
Love you Anne - hope you like them too!
DSC_4466 Kopie
Some black and white action:
DSC_4683 Kopie
I adore this one :)
A something a little fun to end with...they were totally game for the funny faces and I love it!
xo Sarah